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Glenn Beck Reminds Viewers of What Mitt Romney & Barack Obama Were Saying About Syria Just Last Year


"He laughed in his face, turned around, and did exactly the same thing."

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On his weekday television program Wednesday, Glenn Beck reminded the audience of what Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama were saying with regard to Syria and Russia roughly one year ago.

While Beck said he would prefer Mitt Romney's plan for Syria "any day of the week" and pointed out how prescient he was with regard to today's events, he ultimately made the case that "the GOP is no different than [President Obama's] Organizing for America."

Both are "more of the same," one is just "twice the speed" in the wrong direction, he said.

"Last year during the 2012 election, remember, Romney was super, super evil and the president was super, super good." Beck began.  "Romney laid out a plan for intervention in Syria. [It] wasn't one I was for, and it left him mocked relentlessly for his 'crazy' opinions."

"I didn't like it because I thought, 'Well we can get that from President Obama.'  But President Obama had to look like he was a really cool dude and he wasn't for any of that stuff, so he had to actually change his opinion and mock Mitt Romney," Beck continued.  "But unfortunately, the president is saying exactly what Mitt Romney was saying a year ago."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck played a number of clips of both Romney and the president speaking, noting how "impugned and ridiculed" Romney was for saying, for instance, that Russia is our "number one geopolitical foe" or that we should consider working with the rebels in Syria to take out Assad.

"He was ridiculed for this point of view," Beck said.  "He was maligned by the left for wanting to provide aid to the good guys in Syria...But isn't that what the president is saying he's doing right now?  But the good guys still don't exist...Maybe president Romney would've understood that eventually, I don't know."

Bottom line, Beck said, "This is the man America voted against in favor of the president -- [a president] who laughed in his face, turned around, and then did exactly the same thing except with more military might."

"I want to make it really clear -- it's not the Democrats, Hollywood, liberals, libertarians, Republicans -- it's all of us," Beck concluded.  "If this doesn't convince you that this is not about parties, it's not about race, it's about the progressives in both parties...If you're not convinced of that, your friends aren't convinced of that at this point, then you or they are definitely part of the problem."

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