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Thrilling Footage From a Bird-Mounted Camera Finally Lets You 'Fly Like an Eagle

Eagle point of view. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

If you've always wanted to "fly like an eagle," as the Steve Miller Band song goes, now's your chance.

Someone mounted a camera onto an eagle to give you his perspective as he soared in the Mer De Glace area -- a glacier in the Alps -- in Chamonix, France.

eagle point of view The eagle's point of view (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

In the video, you can sense the movement as he beats his wings, compared to the steady feeling as he coasts in the air. Right when you think he's going to run into a tree, the point-of-review camera lets you feel the eagle banking off to the side.

eagle point of view The flight took place in the French Alps. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

As for the sights, in addition to the prevalent evergreen trees, the eagle spots some buildings, a railroad and people walking around.

eagle point of view (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Sadly, the moment we've all been waiting for -- seeing the mighty bird of prey land -- isn't included in the footage.

Still, it is completely worth the minute and a half to feel like you're flying:

Similar to these trained falcons, a redditor pointed out a BBC video posted last month that showed hunting golden eagles going after foxes (it has some point-of-view footage as well, but be warned of some potentially graphic images of the eagle taking its reward when nabbing the fox):



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