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Bill Maher thinks he's too 'brave' to win an Emmy


Speaking of atheists...

In an interview Monday night at TheWrap's Media Leadership Conference, HBO host Bill Maher dismissed the fact that his program "Real Time" has been nominated for an Emmy Award ten times without a single win and insisted substance has nothing to do with winning.

"If you're really gonna be the brave one, you’re not going to win the awards,” Maher explained. “Pissing people off has a lot to do with losing.” That's true to an extent, but are his unapologetically leftist views really the reason he's garnered 32 career nominations without securing a single win?

“Look, lots of people hate it when you’re anti-religion in a religious country,” said Maher, who lost this year to “The Colbert Report,” after years of suffering losses to Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.” That's one way to put it, I suppose. But both Colbert and Stewart espouse their own political beliefs and somehow manage to do it without coming across as pompous blowhards. Instead, they stick their talents as comedians who aim to entertain rather than incite conflict. (Remember when Bill Maher was considered a "comedian"?)

Asked if he’d still be in the TV business 10 years from now, Maher lamented, "at some point, the audience gets sick of you."



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