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Some iPhone Users Were Duped by This Fake Advertisement—And They're Furious


"Prevent any damage to your iPhone’s delicate circuitry.”

Apple launched its new operating system and highly anticipated iPhone 5S and 5C last week. And while any new tech release will come with both praise and critique, it's a fake ad that has duped Apple users truly fired up.

The ad claimed iOS7 would make iPhones waterproof -- which some users apparently fell for, the U.K. Independent reported, as if a software update can really make your phone water retardant.

"Update to iOS 7 and become waterproof," the fake ad, which popped up on social networking sites, states. "In an emergency, a smart-switch will shut off the phone’s power supply and corresponding components to prevent any damage to your iPhone’s delicate circuitry.”

Not long after the fake ad started to circulate on social networks, tweets like these began to pop up:

Now while it’s a pretty silly prank to fall for, whoever is responsible for the fake ad did a pretty fine job -- it looks like the real deal:

Image source: The Independent

(H/T: Business Insider)

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Featured image The Independent


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