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Trucker Is Spending $750,000 of His Own Money on Bible Billboards -- But What's His Reason?


"I feel the holy spirit has given me a job to do..."

Photo Credit: Harold Scott

There's something to be said for faith and devotion. An example of these elements in practice comes from Green Bay, Wis., where 72-year-old Harold Scott has set out on a $750,000 effort to bring Christian messages to men, women and children who are traveling along some of the state's most frequented highways.

Photo credit: Harold Scott

Scott, a truck driver, fears that society has become too secular, so he's launched a billboard ministry over the past couple of years that he hopes will inspire his fellow citizens to start flocking to local churches, USA Today reported.

Through his Kaiser Christian Fund Inc., Scott is primarily self-funding the project -- one that had led him to post 25 billboards in Wisconsin and a few others outside of the state. Many of the messages talk about the importance of God, while some share direct Bible verses.

All of them, though, help him achieve his overall goal: Reaching peoples' hearts with the Christian message.

Photo credit: Harold Scott

"The devil has got people mesmerized. This country needs some hope, and the only hope they can get is in the Lord Jesus Christ," he told Post Crescent Media.

On his website, Scott makes clear that he feels led by God to continue on a project that has already cost him $600,000 and that will cost at least another $150,000 before year's end. Rather than a random mission with self-serving purposes, the trucker claims the effort is one that comes directly from God.

"I feel the holy spirit has given me a job to do and I humbly intend to live up to that Honorable job the best that I can, so God help me," he wrote in a letter posted on the site.

A letter about the billboard project that was posted on Scott's website (Image source: Harold Scott)

So, just how devoted is Scott? Again, the more than half-million dollar initiative was funded from his own bank account and he has no plans of stopping.

While he wants to make donating easier and is hopeful that funds will soon start to flow in, the trucker hasn't ruled out mortgaging or reverse mortgaging his house to keep the billboard campaign going.

While some would call these extreme efforts "crazy" (some of his friends and family have done so), the evangelistic trucker is holding strong to his faith.

Photo credit: Harold Scott

"Anything that's advancing the kingdom of Christ is not crazy at all. We need more people to get on the wagon for Jesus Christ. We need more disciples," he told USA Today. "God's people are few and we're trying to do a job that's almost impossible, but we're going to do it."

Some might call him extreme, but others would simply say he's abiding by his faith and convictions. What do you think?

(H/T: Post Crescent Media)



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