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The Game Won't Be Over': Cruz Tells Beck That Republicans Can Still Fight Obamacare -- if They're Willing


"At the end of the day the American people don't care about a bunch of politicians in Washington."

(Credit: Glenn Beck Radio Program)

Glenn Beck interviewed a fresh-voiced Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) Friday morning just a few days removed from his marathon 21-hour anti-Obamacare speech — and the pair went into depth regarding the difficult road ahead if Obamacare ultimately gets the green light.

When Beck asked Cruz if he was surprised at how poorly he's been treated by many in the GOP over his efforts to defund President Barack Obama's signature health care law, Cruz said he hasn't been focused on the barbs thrown his way — only the job his constituents elected him to carry out.

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"Everyone who wants to preserves the status quo, everyone who is not willing to fight to defund Obamacare" has been trying  to "change the subject" from substantive arguments about the "train wreck" Obamacare is for millions of Americans to riffs about personalities and "noise," Cruz said.

"And I don't intend to engage in it," he told Beck.

"At the end of the day the American people don't care about a bunch of politicians in Washington," Cruz said. "What they care about is that Obamacare is killing jobs" and that millions of Americans "facing the prospect of being pushed into part time work" and having their health insurance taken away.

Cruz -- who spoke before the Senate voted to keep Obamacare funded -- said the defeat will not be the end of the story, and that there's more the GOP can do politically to prevent Obamacare from bankrupting the U.S.

"The game won't be over," Cruz said.

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