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#ShareTheShutdown: Blaze readers react to closed government


As I noted earlier, we're eager to hear how today's shutdown of the federal government is impacting readers and their families.

First, some good news: If you're missing the uncontrollable cuteness of the National Zoo's "Panda Cam" today, San Diego has got your covered.

Also, let's just acknowledge once again how the Greatest Generation truly is the greatest:

via NRCC

I'll be updating the blog this afternoon as more updates come in from Blaze readers across the country...

Josh K. from Hoover, Ala., writes:

I do home mortgage in the state of Alabama. As of right now, we cannot perform and USDA or FHA products. On top of this, we cannot order any tax verification info. Therefore the only options we have would be a private bank, but those are hard to come by in Alabama. Personally I still don’t want anybody from the right to give. We have been bullied by the left for way to long. If we give any leeway this time, it will seal this country’s fate.

In Utah, reader Nancy tweets:

In New York, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island have been closed to visitors:

Andrew O., a student at Macalester College, writes:

I went to celebrate the shutdown at Buffalo Wild Wings with a few friends last night. After we finished the countdown and toasts/cheers, we realized our cheese curds hadn't come out. Fearful we wouldn't get them due to the shutdown, we grew worrisome. Luckily, three minutes into the shutdown, out of nowhere, our food came out--disaster averted. Those were some heroic souls to brave this shutdown and I thank God every second people like them exist in the world.


On Capitol Hill, members of Congress will have to... ::gulp:: ...push their own elevator buttons:

This is truly a national crisis that will affect us all...

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