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Alec Baldwin compares Joe Scarborough to 'Catholic school gym teacher


And we're off.

Actor Alec Baldwin hasn't even started at MSNBC and he's already taking shots at a soon-to-be colleague. "And what's with [Joe] Scarborough, barking at his guests in that Hannity-esque Catholic school gym teacher style?" Baldwin tweeted during the broadcast of Wednesday morning's "Morning Joe."

Baldwin's remark came in a series of tweets targeting Scarborough, the show's host and a former Republican congressman, and Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, who appeared as a guest on the show.

"There is, perhaps, nothing more offensive than watching the out-of-touch, sanctimonious William Kristol smirk his way through 'Morning Joe,'" Baldwin wrote.

Much of the show's discussion centered on the government shutdown.

Being compared to Fox New's Sean Hannity is of particular sting for Scarborough. (We can't speak to the Catholic school gym teacher comment.) The two have been in a public feud for several months, with Scarborough charging that Hannity's hardline conservatism hurts the country, while Hannity believes Scarborough represents D.C. insiders.

Neither Scarborough nor Kristol directly responded to Baldwin, though Scarborough did send out a cryptic tweet a couple ours later: "Everything Zen Everything Zen I don't think so," it said.

Baldwin starts his own weekly show at MSNBC on Oct. 11.


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