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Who Is Shooting, Stabbing, and Slitting Throats of So Many Sheep Along the Texas Coast?


"...it hurts to see them go or get mutilated."

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Authorities in Texas have assigned a deputy to investigate a bizarre set of brutal crimes being carried out against sheep in a coastal county.

Since March, sheep on a 10-acre property in Port Lavaca have been the victims of odd, savage killings through stabbings, slitting of the throats, possible gunshots, and genital mutilation, according to the Victoria Advocate.

According to Karen Daggs, owner of the land where these barbaric crimes are taking place, two males were recently castrated and left to die.

(Image source: Shutterstock.com)

"We get attached to the animals, and it hurts to see them go or get mutilated," reportedly said Wayne Daggs, 72, who says only six sheep remain in the pasture, with a Boer goat, two donkeys, and several pygmy goats.

However, despite the heinous nature of the crimes, Sheriff George Aleman says they appear to be isolated.

"This is an isolated incident as far as we know," Aleman told the Victoria Advocate. "But some might go unreported."

Since March, 19 sheep have reportedly turned up dead or have gone missing.

(H/T: Victoria Advocate)

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