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Insufferable Ponce': 'The B.S. of A.' Relentlessly Mocks CNN's Piers Morgan


"In a recent survey of the most beloved public figures in America, I was ahead of superstar athlete O.J. Simpson..."

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TheBlaze TV's comedy show, "The B.S. of A.," mocked CNN's Piers Morgan over the weekend in a sketch aimed at the host's perceived elitism and fledgling ratings.

The skit paired host Brian Sack with a man pretending to be Morgan, complete with a posh British accent and a condescending attitude.

When asked if he was at all worried about his ratings, "Morgan" responded: "Of course I'm not worried. I'm brilliant. I've enjoyed a fantastic education. I'm knowledgeable. I'm driven. These are qualities that management in any industry, not just television, are looking for you insufferable ponce." 

Sack proceeded to ask, "Why do you think you haven't connected with the larger American public?"

"The fat pigs?" Morgan retorted. "Why haven't I clicked with the fatty Americans? ... Seventy-five percent of you are very large and very fat people, and you're crazy with your guns!"

Morgan proceeded to say that he disagreed with the premise that he has not "clicked" with the American public.

"In a recent survey of the most beloved public figures in America," Morgan bragged,  "I was ahead of superstar athlete O.J. Simpson..."

But if he is forced to change careers and become a pilot, Sack asked Morgan, what would he say as the plane taxied down the runway?

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain Piers Morgan speaking," Morgan responded grandly. "Do not make direct eye contact with me, even if I am in the lavatory with you."

Watch the entire sketch below:

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