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Liberal NY Times columnist calls out Huffington Post


New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, a liberal by any measure, is out with an op-ed Tuesday about the excessive use of hyperbolic historical references (specifically, Nazi Germany and the Old South) in today's political discourse.

Around the web, there's no shortage of exaggeration. Actually, it's often encouraged and there's even a formula for it. But Bruni names one publication in particular with a penchant for the politically hyperbolic:

[W]e should watch our words. They have consequences. As irresponsible and detestable as the recent actions of the most conservative wing of House Republicans have been, we’d be better off without figurative talk of hostage taking and guns to heads, without headlines like one in The Huffington Post that said: “Boehner Threatens to Shoot the Hostage.” That sort of language only turns up the heat.

Well, yes, the Huffington Post could have used a more accurate headline. House Speaker John Boehner has never threatened to shoot anyone (publicly). But then, "Boehner not accepting White House proposal on government budget" is a lot more boring. And 100 percent less clickable.


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