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Conservatives Upset Obama Not Asked Single Question About Glitchy Obamacare Rollout – and This NBC News Reporter Thinks He Knows Why


President Barack Obama in a rare press briefing Tuesday afternoon spoke to the White House press corps for more than an hour about the partial government shutdown, international terrorism, the global economy, Citizens United, gerrymandering, and drone attacks.

Notably absent from the briefing was any mention of last week’s less-than-smooth rollout of the Obamacare health care exchanges. There wasn’t a single question from the press.

Unsurprisingly, many on the right were upset that the press corps deemed it unnecessary to question the president on the glitch-ridden online marketplaces.

But NBC News’ Luke Russert thinks there may be something else behind conservative outrage after today’s presser: the right is upset Obamacare wasn't mentioned because it wants something to distract from the pain of the partial government shutdown.

“One thing I’ll touch on. No questions about the Affordable Care Act,” Russert said Tuesday.

“You’re seeing this narrative go on in the GOP versus media, watch that turned up to 11 after no questions presented about the computer glitches and enrollment  -- something that will distract from the real pain of folks feeling the government shutdown and pain that could come, the economic catastrophe of the debt limit not being extended.”

“They kind of did it to themselves,” MSNBC host Krystal Ball complained. “I think they would be happy to focus on Obamacare if there wasn’t a shutdown and looming default.”


(H/T: Mediaite). Featured image screen grab.

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