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God's My Center': 13-Year-Old 'X Factor' Contestant Who Wowed Viewers Speaks on Faith


"It's like, whenever you sing you have to have something inside you that is a center."

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Rion Paige became an international country singing sensation after her knockout performance on "The X Factor" in mid-September, and she said Wednesday she knows who to thank for her success.

Paige, who has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita and is almost completely blind in her right eye, told Glenn Beck on Wednesday that God is "everything" in her life.

"It's like...whenever you sing you have to have something inside you that is a center," she began. "God's my center. He's my rock. That's where I base everything that I do, off of Him. Because if I don't, then it's just going to go bad and downhill, to tell you the truth."

Rion Paige (Source: YouTube screen shot)

Beck said he was blown away when he saw the "X Factor" performance that rocketed her to the international stage, and said that despite her condition, she never struck him as the type of person who sees herself as a victim.

"I'm made the way I'm supposed to be made," Paige responded easily. "This was my thing that was cut out for me from the very beginning. And that way I get to [see] these other kids who have differences, and also [be] able to inspire people every day who even don't have a difference."

Paige added that many of the opportunities and doors that have opened up for her this past month likely would not have happened if she wasn't "different."

"When I got the call from you guys, I just couldn't believe it," she said with a smile. "You guys wrote an amazing article on me and I did an interview, and I [was] like, that was so cool! ...And then after that I was like, you want me to come?  Me? Really?"

When asked where she sees herself in five years, Paige said confidently:  "I want to be a global country star. I want to go rip up stages every night and have my own tour."

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