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If You Lead Cops on a 20-Mile High Speed Chase That's Caught on Camera, Saying This After They Tase and Arrest You Probably Won't Work


"He was swerving erratically back and forth down 183 trying to run people off the road."

(source: ktbc screen shot)

When you think of the best getaway vehicles, you probably think sports cars and Mini Coopers. What you probably don't imagine is a truck with a trailer behind it. But that's exactly the type of vehicle 20-year-old Jeffery Woods decided to hijack and take on a 20-mile joyride, reaching speeds of close to 100 mph. And it's what he said when police finally captured him that's even more ridiculous.

(source: ktbc screen shot)

"He was swerving erratically back and forth down 183 trying to run people off the road," Christian Ross told KTBC-TV in Austin, TX.

"I thought the truck was in trouble, maybe the car might have been, following him. Maybe he was running for his life, that's what it seemed like since he was swerving back and forth," his friend, Damon Cloyd, added.

Ross and Cloyd were leaving a local Home Depot when they saw Woods driving erratically. That's when Cloyd took out his phone and started recording:

20 miles later, Woods crashed the car and trailer into a ditch. That's when deputies approached him. When he turned away, one officer tased him.

Then Woods started speaking.

"He was saying 'I didn't do it, I didn't do it, it wasn't me,'" Cloyd said.

Woods is being charged with a bevy of crimes in multiple counties, including reckless driving, possession of marijuana, and leaving the scene after hitting multiple vehicles.

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