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Woman Streaker Who Flew American Flag During Golf Tournament Jaunt May Not Be as Crazy as You Think


"’re only young once and life is short.”

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Ours is the era of instant celebrity — when everyday people dream up creative stunts and coin interesting slogans or points of view and catapult themselves into worldwide fame through the power of the Internet.

And as we've also seen, the future belongs to those who parlay that typically fleeting fame into big paydays or even lucrative careers.

Streakers, it seems, are no exceptions.

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Kimberly Webster (above) caught a viral wave when she sprinted down the fairway of the 18th hole during the Presidents Cup on Sunday wearing only a thong and a pair of smartly placed stickers (we've still redacted the image).

Streakers have become part of the athletic scenery at many sporting events. And questions about Webster's stunt remain: Is she really as crazy as we've come to classify such naked nuts? Also, what makes her fun run such a sensation?

1. Technicalities Run Amok

It could be that the 23-year-old, who'd just moved to Ohio from Los Angeles a week ago to live with her grandmother (aww...), wasn't technically naked; besides her thong, she donned red, white, and blue stickers as pseudo pasties, which translated into lots of websites the world over being only too happy to post the gaggle of images that photographers captured of her relatively safe-for-work jaunt.

2. You Can't Go Wrong with Old Glory

Her judicious choice to use an American flag as a kind of cape or tail, which flapped in the wind as Webster sprinted through the grass, is the stuff of marketing genius. And it didn't hurt that the familiar chants of "USA! USA!" grew louder from the gallery with each stride.

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3. It Pays to Plan Ahead

Here's where we get a glimpse in to Webster's thinking. And believe it or not, she did do some research.

Streaking research.

“I did research on the top streakers of all time," she tells the Dispatch. "They were all men and I kind of wanted to change that.”

With that she bought an American flag and the patriotic stickers looked for her shot on Sunday afternoon while working a hospitality tent nearby.

“It was fun and it still is. I’ve always kind of been a free spirit,” Webster told the Columbus Dispatch. “I am sorry if I did offend people. But you’re only young once and life is short.”

After her sort-of streak, she was collared by cops — who were very nice, she said, and even gave her a sheet...which Webster turned into a toga:

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Webster was charged with disorderly conduct, and indicated she will admit her guilt and pay the $99 fine.

But that's not all. Webster might look for a way to use her stunt to make those dollars back — and then some.

“It would be fun to do something different with this and see what happens,” she said between media interviews as her Twitter page continues to explode.

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Whatever move she engineers next, Webster will undoubtedly streak strike while the iron is hot.

Here's a report from WCMH-TV:



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