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Here's Something You Probably Can Sympathize With: The Moment a Cameraman's Leg Fell Asleep


You know the feeling: You sat or crossed your legs for too long and now you have that numb, tingly feeling in your leg, making it hard to stand or walk for a few moments.

You've also probably tried to play off the moment when you stumbled because your leg fell asleep.

If so, then you can relate to this cameraman at the Pacers-Bulls preseason game last Saturday in Indianapolis' Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The cameraman, along with others, was sitting at the end of the court. When he stands up, it's clear he is unstable and his leg was asleep, but he tries to act nonchalant, putting his hand into his pocket as if to say "it's cool, I know I just stumbled."

cameraman leg asleep A sequence of this cameraman trying to play it cool as he stumbles while his leg is asleep. (Image source: YouTube video screenshots)

But then he loses his balance further with the large camera weighing down his shoulder.

Watch the 14-second clip:

But what causes limbs to fall asleep?

Prolonged pressure on nerves prevents them from transmitting signals to your brain, according to Discovery Health.

Without this communication between nerve and brain, the body part can feel numb or like it has no feeling at all. The tingling you feel once you un-pinch the nerve is the reopening of this communication pathway.

(H/T: reddit)



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