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F***ing Dirty A**': Disturbing Video of Cops Allegedly Harassing, Frisking Two Men Sparks Internal Affairs Investigation


"All you do is weaken the f***ing country."

Editor's note: This story contains graphic language. Be advised.

An "active investigation" by Internal Affairs is currently underway after two Philadelphia police officers were caught on camera verbally harassing two men as they walked down the street. The officers employed "stop and frisk" tactics and told them that they "weaken the f***ing country."


It was not immediately clear if the two men were suspected of committing a crime, but Lt. John Stanford told the Philadelphia Daily News that the investigation, not the video, would decided if the officers "acted appropriate in all aspects of their job."

In a YouTube video reportedly uploaded by one of the frisked men on Sept. 30, one of the cops can be heard yelling, "Yo, my man," to get their attention. From there, things apparently got ugly.

The officers first asked why they were talking to an unidentified individual prior to their arrival. The men claimed they were just saying "hi." However, the cops reminded them that "you don't just say 'hi' to strangers" in that particular neighborhood.

Both men were ultimately searched and demeaned. One of the men was called a "f***ing dirty a**" and a freeloader. One of the cops also threatened to "split" one of the men's "wig open."

After refusing to explain why they were stopped in the first place, one of the officers later claims the men crossed the street while the light was red. One of the pedestrians replied that he recorded the incident, proving that he was not guilty of jaywalking.

Things soon got more heated with one of the cops, identified as Officer Phillip Nace yelling, "Don’t come to f***ing Philadelphia, stay in Jersey."

"I have family out here," the man replied.

"We don't want you here, anyway," the officer shot back. "All you do is weaken the f***ing country."

"How do I weaken the country? By working?" the man asked.

"No, freeloading."

When the man told officers that he works as a server at a country club, the officer asked if he was "serving weed."

It should also be noted that one of the men apparently refused to identify himself, citing his right to privacy. "You got something to f***ing hide?!" one of the officers can be heard shouting.

The video doesn't make it clear if either of the men were arrested. Watch the footage below (WARNING: Very strong language):


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