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Now It's Serious: Obamacare Reportedly Helps Kill Ice Cream Plant


"Everybody's just kind of uncertain about what's going to happen and what it all entails."

An ice cream plant in Elkhart, Ind., was reportedly forced to close its doors last Friday after its owners decided that it would cost too much to comply with Obamacare, President Obama's massive health care law.

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The sluggish economy and increases in production costs have hurt business, according to the owners of the Bonnie Doon ice cream plant.

But they stressed that the new health care law was the number one factor in their decision to close up shop.

Rough sales and local construction have also forced one of the two remaining Bonnie Doon restaurants to close its doors permanently.

"I've been with the company for 21 years, it was my first job and I started working for them when I was 14,” said Adam Carroll, owner of the one restaurant left standing, adding that he has no plans to go anywhere.

Carroll’s Bonnie Doon restaurant used to rely on the Elkhart plant for its trademark product. But now he says he’ll have to find another supplier.

“With the Obamacare it just will affect the businesses too much so that was their main reason for shutting down the ice cream plant at this time,” he said.

The CFO confirmed with Fox28 that Obamacare played a large role in the decision to shut down the plant:

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"Our businesses have been concerned, kind of wondering 'how much is this going to cost? How is it going to impact us?" said Kyle Hannon, Elkhart Chamber of Commerce President.

"Companies that were right on the edge of hiring more employees have held back because they don't want to go over that magic 50 employee number,” he said, adding that he doesn’t expect there to be more shutdowns like the Bonnie Doon plant.

Uncertainty dominates the conversation.

“Everybody's just kind of uncertain about what's going to happen and what it all entails,” said Carroll.

For now, the small business owner, he will do his best to keep his store running.

(H/T: The Right Scoop)


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