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He Was Probably High': Liquor Store Burglar's 'Ghost' Costume Hurt More Than It Helped


"People ain't got much to do, so they just get out and party."

Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time, but police in Alabama say one suspect’s decision to attempt a liquor store robbery while dressed as a ghost may have been his undoing.

The police were notified of the break-in at an Anniston, Ala., ABC Store early Friday morning, said Sgt. Chris Sparks.

Cameras inside the store captured footage of a suspect running up and down the aisles draped in what looks like a bed sheet.

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"It's probably a practical joke," customer Doug Connor told "People ain't got much to do, so they just get out and party. He was probably high."

The video shows the suspect seemingly getting tripped up in the unorthodox disguise.

"He didn't prepare himself very well," Sgt. Sparks said. "He thought about all the things. He wore gloves, he put something over his head, but he couldn't manage to keep it straight the whole time."

The suspect eventually fled the store – empty-handed. But while the whole thing seems pretty humorous, police believe the suspect may be responsible for another attempted robbery.

"It ain't a game," said Connor. "It's serious."

Police say the suspect faces third-degree burglary charges. If found and convicted, the charge carries with it a prison sentence of up to one year.


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