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Good news: Obamacare won't tap into your beer money, bro


A new "Got Insurance?" ad campaign is celebrating the implementation of Obamacare with a round of marketing gimmicks apparently aimed at America's lowest common denominator...

The organization is a progressive coalition between, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and a group called ProgressiveNow Colorado Education, formed to "educated everyone about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act."

Attention frat boys -- have you signed up for your Obamacare "brosurance" yet?  "Don't tap into your beer money to cover those medical bills," the group's ad says. "We got it covered."  Does coverage include keg stand injuries?


Apparently a literate understanding of the English language isn't required for Obamacare coverage.  Another ad directed at uninsured youth reads: "'Yo Mom, do I got insurance?' My girlfriend broke my heart so me and the bros went golfing.  Then my buddy broke my head.  Good thing Mom made sure I got insurance."

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h/t Judd Legum, via Hot Air

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