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A participant dressed as zombies perform during the annual Zombie Walk in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013. Hundreds of participants marched in the capital to collect donations for recent flood victims and campaign against the disposal of waste to public places. Credit: AP

In a column published today in the New York Post, National Review editor Rich Lowry notes that the "glitches" in the initial sign-up process are small problems in the grand scheme of Obamacare:

ObamaCare already risked creating a so-called adverse selection death spiral, i.e., sick people disproportionately signing up for the exchanges. The Web site increases the chances of it by deterring less motivated consumers from enrolling.

Presumably the administration can get the Web site to work eventually, although it will almost certainly be more difficult than the promise of a “tech surge” suggests.

Once government has fouled up a project like this, it isn’t so easy to untangle. Britain undertook a program to upgrade the information technology of the National Health Service in 2002. Nine years and 6 billion pounds ($9.6 billion) later, the government had to scrap the program entirely.

It must have run into a glitch.

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