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Never-Before-Seen Video Shows the Terrifying Moment Angry Bikers Dragged Dad From SUV and Beat Him in Front of His Wife and Child


The video was reportedly used by police to identify the bikers...


Stunning new video obtained by WABC-TV shows the exact moment that a group of angry bikers dragged a driver from his SUV and beat him in front of his wife and child.

The video, which was reportedly used by police to identify the bikers, was reportedly captured by a witness to the attack.

Watch the new footage below (Warning! Graphic content):

WABC-TV brings readers up to speed on the incident:

The incident happened on Sept. 29 after as a group of motorcycles rode up the Henry Hudson Parkway following a rally.

Alexian Lien was the driver of an SUV that bumped a bike that had slowed in front of it. Motorcyclists surrounded and converged on the Range Rover. Lien hit the gas, fleeing in fear for the loved ones riding with him, and ran over a biker who was left paralyzed.

Motorcyclists chased Lien's SUV, pulled him from the vehicle and attacked him, police and prosecutors say. The encounters were partly caught on a helmet-camera video posted online.

So far, nine of the bikers, including some off-duty police officers, have been arrested. Lien, the driver of the SUV, has not been arrested or charged with any crime.


He is still reportedly recovering from injuries he suffered during the attack.


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