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Ann Coulter's mother used to tell her to 'dress more modestly

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Conservative author Ann Coulter's new book "Never Trust a Liberal Over 3: Especially a Republican" contains an interview the Wall Street Journal conducted with her mother, Nell Husbands Martin Coulter, back in 2004 at the height of the presidential election.

The interview, however, was never printed, according to the book.

But here's some of it...

Q: What do you worry about when Ann is in the public eye?

A: I don't worry, she looks incredibly beautiful, is well-spoken, knows just what to say. Not a single worry.

Q: Your daughter obviously has strong opinions that upset some people. Do you ever give her advice about toning it down, reaching out to the other side?

A: No.

Q: Even if you admire her guts and her ability to say it straight, what input do you give her about delivery, her message, etc?

A: I'm afraid it's past time for me to be effective. I sometimes tell her to dress more modestly, but I don't even do that much anymore. I'm extremely proud of her.

Q: When you see Ann on TV, do you ever critique her? What she says or what she wears?

A: Occasionally, not what she says.

Q: At the University of Arizona [in 2004], two men tried to throw a pie at Ann. Did you talk to her after that?

A: I called her as soon as I could get in touch with her to see if she was alright.

Q: Give her any advice? What were your concerns about that?

A: I heard a lot of anger in her voice -- justifiably -- so my only advice was to remember that she is a Christian.

Q: As election day approaches, I'm sure Ann has a very busy schedule. What have you told her about eating right, sleeping well, etc.?

A: I always tell her to get plenty of sleep; she'll need to rebuff these crazy things, eat well and keep exercising. Unfortunately, she's past the time when I can determine her bedtime.

Q: And if Bush loses, what might you say to console her?

A: Let's go to Africa! ... I'll need consoling of my own. It would be a tragedy if Kerry gets in.

Coulter's mother died four years later.

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