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Parents Deliver the Ultimate Punishment After They Find Their Kids Hosting a Drunken Party at Their Home


"the right thing to do."

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When two parents in Glastonbury, Conn., arrived home to unexpectedly find between 20 and 30 underage teens drinking at their house, they decided to deliver a painful punishment -- one that their two children are likely to remember for a very long time.

Rather than handling the matter within the family, the parents called the police who, in turn, arrested and charged their daughters -- ages 15 and 16 -- with permitting a minor to possess alcohol.

The incident unfolded on the weekend of Oct. 11 after the girls planned parties on both Friday and Saturday night while their parents were out of town. The two attempted to host a third party on Sunday before the mom and dad arrived back home, the Daily Mail reports.

The parents were expected back on Monday, but came back a bit early, arriving right in the middle of the third and final shindig.

Agent James Kennedy of the Glastonbury Police told WTIC-TV that calling the police was "the right thing to do."

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Right or wrong -- having authorities handle the situation will certainly be a stinging lesson for the teenagers.

After all, the parents could have opted to handle it by simply grounding the girls or finding another means of disciplining them. But considering what happened in the same town just two weeks before, they might have been taking precautions.

In a separate incident on Oct. 1, police arrested another set of parents, Shawn and Christopher Nixon, after more than 100 teenagers were found partying at their home.

"They knew the party was going on, they knew alcohol was there and they didn't do anything about it," Kennedy told WTNH-TV. "When we got there, there was plenty of beer and hard liquor, drug paraphernalia on the ground, a youth was throwing up on the back lawn."

The parents in this latter case have been charged with allowing minors to possess alcohol. It's possible that the adults in the more recent case called police out of an abundance of caution and to ensure that they wouldn't be held liable.

Either way, their daughters will certainly walk away with a memorable lesson.

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