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Hillary Clinton's potential campaign gets big boost from George Soros

George Soros. (Getty Images)

Birds of a progressive feather...

Via the WSJ:

The pro-Hillary Clinton forces got a huge boost Thursday with the announcement that billionaire investor George Soros signed on with a super PAC trying to lure her into the 2016 presidential contest.

Mr. Soros will serve as a co-chairman of the “Ready for Hillary” super PAC national finance council, the group said. He gave a $25,000 contribution to the organization earlier this month. [...]

In the 2008 campaign, Mr. Soros favored then-Sen. Barack Obama over Mrs. Clinton. He gave an interview in January  2008 in which he said that while he backed Mr. Obama, he also had “very high regard for Mrs. Clinton.”

“I prefer Obama because I think he would bring more radical change,” Mr. Soros said at the time. “But if she is the candidate, I will be very supportive of her.”


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