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Howard Dean: Of course Republicans are to blame for botched Obamacare rollout


Why on earth would it be Obama's fault that the Obamacare enrollment has crashed? That's just silliness.

Darn those Republicans and their "monkey wrenches."

WATCH, via NRO's Andrew Johnson:

And how's that Obamacare implementation going in Dean's home state of Vermont?  Not well at all, the Daily Beast reports:

What about a smaller state, one that overwhelmingly supported the president’s election and reelection, is progressive in its politics, and even had a vibrant and extensive state-run health-care program already in place prior to the ACA? That would be tiny Vermont. Surely with its Democratic governor and Democratic and Socialist senators, it can serve as a laboratory for Obamacare implementation, leading the way through the darkness of those “glitches.”

But, alas, not so, at least not yet. The reality is that Vermont’s health-care exchange website may be even a bigger mess than the federal-run HealthCare.Gov. And health care in Vermont may be headed for a unique train wreck due to its efforts to become the first state in the country to implement a single payer plan.

Don't worry -- Republicans will surely be to blame for that, too.

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