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The Moment Two Mothers Realize Their Babies Were Switched at Birth in Chance Meeting


"...I woke up crying, distraught, knew that was my daughter and not the one in my arms."

Two Argentinian mothers said something seemed a bit off with their newborn baby girls, but it wasn't until they met by chance at a clinic for an appointment that they realized a huge mistake had been made.

baby girl Baby girls were switched at birth at an Argentina hospital. Both are now reunited with their mothers. (Image source:

According to Clarin (translated via Google Translate), for three weeks the women had been caring for a daughter that was not her own. The mothers had DNA tests conducted and confirmed their daughters had been switched at birth.

Mother Maria Lorena Gerbeno, a lawyer, said her intuition told her something was wrong first.

"...when I woke up from a nap, I woke up crying, distraught, knew that was my daughter and not the one in my arms," she told Clarin.

Gerbeno said when she met the other mother in the waiting room, she learned the baby she had in her possession was born at a similar weight as what her child would have been. She also said the baby girl looked like her other children when they were little.

The other woman, Mary Lorraine, said although the child she breastfeed and cared for during this time was not her own, she still loves her.

"I feel like I have twins," she told Clarin.

Of the mixup, the hospital -- Argentine Sanatorium -- said it assumes full responsibility for the incident and is investigating what happened to lead to this situation.

Gerbeno told Clarin she would not press charges.

“Thank God this nightmare is over,” Gerbeno said, according to AFP.

Another unfortunate mixup of a different kind took place this week. A family preparing to bury their father opened the casket for a final goodbye to find the wrong man inside. This family's own father had accidentally been cremated.

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