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Viral Video Shows YouTube Prankster 'Using Siri To Get a Date


"Siri, how do I ask out the pretty girl next to me?"

A viral video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday shows Internet prankster Stuart Edge and his team using their iPhones to score dates.

The video depicts Edge and his team members sitting down next to an individual and asking "Siri, how do I ask out the pretty girl next to me?"

"I couldn't find anything find anything for [that]," Siri replies, but instead offers to dial the woman's phone number, which turns out to work.

(Image Source: YouTube)

Edge repeats this magic trick throughout the video and it appears to produce some successful results.

"I am so confused," one girl can be heard in the video saying.

Another girl says she would "totally give" Edge her phone number if she weren't in a relationship.

(Image Source: YouTube)

On his YouTube page, Edge insists the video is authentic.

"As crazy as this video may seem, it isn't fake," the video's description says. "Haha, we really had no idea who the people were that we were approaching. We just used a little bit of magic to get their phone number [smiley face]."

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