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Media critic thinks MSNBC's newest host is part of a plan to get revenge on Woody Allen

AP/Gary He

Interesting theory on Ronan Farrow's new gig as an MSNBC host, brought to us by The Guardian media critic Michael Wolff:

AP/Gary He 

With Ronan as his new name – until recently, he was known as Satchel Farrow – and now with possible new paternity, he seems willfully made up. This is something like the way in which the old studios, where Farrow began her career, made stars: they invented them. And for a stage mother these days, reality is the stage.

All for the apparent purpose of tormenting the man who cruelly dumped you and turned your world upside down, all those years ago.

Farrow, the son of Mia Farrow, officially joined MSNBC in mid October. The announcement came shortly after his mother told Vanity Fair that he might actually be the son of Frank Sinatra, rather than filmmaker Woody Allen who in the 1990s infamously married one of Mia's much-younger adopted daughters.

Wolff's take  was inspired by a glowing New York Times profile on Farrow published over the weekend.

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