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Atheist Shoe Company Is Now Targeting Godless...Babies


"We're pretty sure all babies are born atheists..."


An atheist shoe company has been providing "soles" for atheists over the past year, but now the secular company is expanding its efforts with a new line of baby shoes.

The small business, which goes by the name "Atheist," is marketing the new concept as providing a service that offers, "Super-comfy, handmade leather shoes for babies -- dedicated to the only supreme beings they believe in; Mummies, Daddies and Boobies."

Rather than simply running with the new effort, Atheist has posted it on Kickstarter to see if the concept has enough support among non-believers to integrate it into its business model. The company is hoping to raise £7,000 (about $9,636) and has already raised more than half of its goal.

See the Kickstarter video, below:

Photos of the shoes are available on the Kickstarter page along with a description of how the soles, which are produced in Germany and Portugal, are made.

"Our baby shoe is just as snuggly and comfy as our grown-up shoe, handmade with a very soft, untreated leather and 100% cotton teddy bear fur," reads the description. "It also has a soft sole, not too restricting for quickly growing feet and allowing older babies to learn to walk as nature intended."

Like the adult shoes the company has produced, there's a surprise on the bottom of each product. Atheist has "printed homages to the only supreme beings a baby knows." Thus, rather than mentioning a deity, the bottom of the shoes have one of three lines -- "I believe in Mummy," "I believe in Daddy" or "I believe in Booby."


These pointed messages come with a specific purpose -- to reinforce non-belief.

"We're pretty sure all babies are born atheists and, rather than commit them to some religion before they're old enough to have a say (let alone control their pooping functions) we'd rather celebrate their undoubted belief in Mummy and Daddy," the Kickstarter page continues.

The shoes come in four sizes and are appropriate for babies ages zero to 24 months.

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