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Obamacare Newspeak: A Poem


If you believe that there is a discrepancy

Between reality and what we said about the Affordable Care Act

Please remember that the opposite is true

According to Valerie Jarrett that's a FACT.

If losing your existing coverage

Is tempting you to speak out in defiance

Please remember it wasn't the law that forced you off

It was the insurance companies (coming into compliance).

Yes, we repeatedly stated you can keep your plan

But now it's being taken away from you

Please remember the president did not lie

He made a statement that was narrowly untrue.

If you receive a letter from your insurance company

About many changes in your plan's composition

Please remember your coverage isn't being dropped

You're simply being transitioned.

If you think that a private system is superior

To skyrocketing rates and creeping death panels

Please remember it was never private in the first place

It was always a government benefit (provided through private channels).

While there may have been some hiccups in the Obamacare law

The government did the best it could

Always remember this is far better than any alternative

In fact, you might say, it's doubleplusgood.

Nick Rizzuto is the supervising producer of Real News on TheBlaze TV.

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