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(Update) Al Jazeera's concerning India billboard

Al Jazeera India ad via

Al Jazeera English recently made inroads in India after years of trying to tap into that market. To mark the news network's growth, it launched an ad campaign across the country, featuring one billboard that says, "Profits are not only calculated in boardrooms, but also in the wellbeing of employees."

Al Jazeera India ad via

The ad features a photo of a thin older man with a somber expression, working in what appear to be the outdoors and wearing tattered clothes. It's consistent with Al Jazeera's theme to promote stories that center on human impact

But one thing: the Qatar government, which funds Al Jazeera, is currently under fire for reports that state it is mistreating migrant workers. Al Jazeera itself has covered the issue.

Qatar is scheduled to host the 2022 World Cup. Migrant workers who are helping build the stadium for the event have been dying due to harsh working conditions that amount to "modern-day slavery," according to The Guardian.

We've reached out to Al Jazeera English, which is separate from the new Al Jazeera America (though all under the same umbrella), for comment.

Update: An Al Jazeera English spokesperson forwarded us this response a few hours after this story published:

“Our campaign in India consists of numerous different adverts showing how Al Jazeera focusses on the human aspect to stories. We have covered the conditions endured by migrant workers on many occasions and will continue to do so.”


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