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CBS News: 'Unequivocally Clear From Testing' Health Care Website Was Not Ready For Launch


"It froze. It couldn't go forward. It crashed,"


Individuals close to the testing of the health care website reportedly said it failed days before its launch and was not ready to go public.

"Sources familiar with the process" told CBS News that a small test pool of 200 to 300 people were unable to use the website to create an application just days before its launch.

One source told them only a few steps into the process everything "ground to a stop."

"It froze. It couldn't go forward. It crashed," the source added.


A few days later, testers came to the same conclusion.

"It was unequivocally clear from testing ... this wasn't ready," another source said.

On Monday, Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner said before Congress she didn't know the website was riddled with so many glitches.

"We had tested the website, and we were comfortable with its performance," Tavenner said. " The volume issue and the creation of account issues was not anticipated and obviously took us by surprise and did not show up in testing."


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