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See the Exchange Between Sebelius and a Texas Congressman That Was Just Downright Awkward


"...thought I saw you on a tricycle there one day."

A congressional hearing about the botched rollout of Obamacare took an odd turn Wednesday when Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Texas) decided during his time to joke around with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

There were more than a few strange moments during the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, the first being when the 90-year-old congressman said he probably wouldn’t be around in 2014 to hear about Obamacare's success or continued failure. Sebelius clearly didn’t get the joke and looked uncomfortable until Hall clarified that he was joking.

Sebelius looked uncomfortable with Hall's comments (image source: screen grab)

“Were you born in Kansas?” he later asked.

“I was not,” she responded. “I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I married a Kansan and went to Kansas.”

“Alright. I was in the third grade there and thought I saw you on a tricycle there one day," he said.

“Well, it was an illusion," she replied.

See the exchange for yourself:


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