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Does Obama talk like this in private?

"Double Down"/

Tidbits from "Double Down: Game Change 2012" -- a new book that gives a behind-the-scenes look at 2012 presidential election -- are making their way through the news, starting with a report that the Obama team considered replacing Vice President Joe Biden with former State Secretary Hillary Clinton for the reelection campaign.

"Double Down"/

Another excerpt from the book, this one about private meetings President Obama used to hold which were discontinued after details of them were leaked to the media [via Playbook]:

"Obama exhaled heavily when he learned the news. He was stunned, then angry, then disappointed, then hurt. 'I can't believe this,' Obama said. 'This is exactly what I said couldn't happen.' Obama was in the Oval Office ... and being told that his list had leaked. The details came from Plouffe and [Jim] Messina, who had learned that two authors [Halperin and Heilemann] ... knew all about the extraordinary session six weeks earlier; they had the whole roster of Clinton's regrets in copious detail. 'How could someone do this to me?' Obama asked. 'If I can't be honest with you people, how can we keep having these meetings?' ... [T]he next session was scheduled to start in a few minutes ... The group was assembling in the Roosevelt Room ... Maybe they should just cancel the thing, shut it down? No, Obama said. I want to go in there and say my piece. ... He walked into the room looking stern ... and then laid into his team.

"When we started having these meetings, Obama said, I told you that I trusted everyone in this room. But now somebody has betrayed that trust. ... [U]nless and until the person who did this comes to me, tells me they did this, and apologizes, these meetings are over. I'm gonna be in the Oval Office. When somebody is ready to come forward and own up to this, you know where to find me. With that, Obama stood up and walked out the door, leaving a crashing silence behind him." No one did, and the inner circle shrunk markedly.

Somewhat juicy. But is anyone having a difficult time hearing Obama speak that way?

Most people who will read the book (including me) haven't had a private conversation with the President. And yet, this part seems at odds with the voice and language most people expect from Obama.

Does he really talk like this in private?

"Double Down" publishes on Tuesday.


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