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College Comes up With One of the Tastiest Ways to Get People in the Stands for Women's Basketball


1600 servings of bacon will put more than a million calories and 100,000 grams of fat into the student body.

Women's college basketball is a very popular sport, drawing millions of fans to games each year. However, that doesn't mean there isn't competition to put fans in the seats. So, how does a school make women's college basketball more palatable to everyone?  FREE BACON!

Image: K-State Sports on Twitter

That's right, Kansas State is offering a "boat of bacon" to all students attending the November 8th home opener of the Wildcats women's basketball game against Tennessee State.

Image: Twitter

The Bleacher Report claims that the school initially ordered 75 pounds of bacon for the promotion, but spiking interest in the promotion has inspired the school to more than triple the order to 300 pounds.

Kansas State's school newspaper, the Collegian, reports that each "boat of bacon" being offered to students will contain approximately three ounces of the tasty treat - or 763 calories and 85 grams of fat. If the program is a success -- based on social media attention, it looks like it will be -- about 1600 servings of bacon will put more than a million calories and 100,00 grams of fat into the student body.

The school is hoping that free bacon will translate into a success story, but they are also concerned it might be too successful. Back in 2004, the same school offered $1 hot dogs to entice students to attend to attend a game. They reportedly ran out of the dollar dogs before halftime.

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