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The Re-Election of an Anti-Christ': Rock Band's New Album Takes Aim at President Obama


"...he doesn't have our country's best interests in mind and is in fact doing a lot to hurt us in the long run..."

Credit: Madison Rising

Madison Rising, the rock band that has passionately defended the national anthem, is out with a new album dedicated to military members, police, firefighters and other first responders titled "American Hero."

While many of the album's 10 tracks may be seen as uplifting, some of the lyrics explicitly take aim at President Barack Obama, calling him a "liar" and saying that "2012 brought about the re-election of an anti-Christ."

Credit: Madison Rising

The song "Come to the Ready" contains the line about the "re-election of an anti-Christ" in the chorus, as well as the lyrics, "you don't believe me just look deep into the soul of the liar's eyes" and "the government is ours and we need to take it back."

Listen to a clip from the song:

Richard Mgrdechian, Madison Rising's manager and founder, said the "anti-Christ" message has little to do with theology and everything to do with the way the band believes Obama has governed.

"It's not a line meant to be taken literally in the religious sense, but more to highlight our belief that he doesn't have our country's best interests in mind and is in fact doing a lot to hurt us in the long run, in particular turning Americans against one another, which is the last thing we need right now," he said.

"Hero," another tune on the album, deals with a related theme: about the nation's need for a selfless leader who truly cares about America's future course.

"We need a hero, someone to save us from ourselves and our own self-destruction. God only knows we need help," the lyrics read. "Looking for a hero, someone who cares about the future, not about themselves but about the idea of America."

Listen to the song:

Madison Rising is fully aware of the controversial nature of their songs, particularly given their industry.

“Madison Rising is on a mission to reignite pride in American culture through great rock music, and show people that it can be cool to be patriotic and to actually have some respect for your country and all of the people who have sacrificed so much to get and keep us here,” Mgrdechian told TheBlaze earlier this year.

He added, “The goal for the new album is to take everything to a whole new level with both our core audience, as well as to a much broader mainstream audience, but without comprising our beliefs and mission in any way."

The new album also includes the band's rock version of "The Star-Spangled Banner."


Featured image credit via Madison Rising


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