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Now Hiring Must Be Mexican': Burger King Reveals Important Details Behind That Sign Going Viral


"BKC has a long history of dedication to diversity and inclusion."

(Image source: Larry Camden's Facebook via KFFM)

Burger King said Wednesday that a viral photo circulating on the Internet showing a franchise's "Now Hiring Must Be Mexican" sign is old and was dealt with "last summer."

The popular fast food franchise declined to disclose the location of the sign, but told TheBlaze it was posted by a disgruntled employee.

"The signage in question took place at a franchisee owned and operated restaurant," Burger King said in an email. "The signage was unauthorized and posted briefly and photographed last summer by a former restaurant employee."

"We have been informed by the franchisee that immediate actions were taken to terminate the employee responsible," the fast food company added. "BKC has a long history of dedication to diversity and inclusion. Diversity is a driving force behind both our innovation and an inclusive environment for our people -- employees, franchisees, suppliers and restaurant guests alike."

(Image source: Larry Camden's Facebook via KFFM)

The sign was posted by Facebook user Larry Camden, according to radio station KFFM, and went viral on the Internet. Hundreds of users have left comments on Burger King's Facebook page conveying their outrage over the sign.

"Here's a sign for you," wrote Susan Steele. "'Now Buying Must Not Be Burger King' - I'll never purchase so much as a french fry from you're [sic] stores ever again."

"Really glad there is a Steak & Shake right across the street from BK," Anthony West wrote. "I know where I'm eating from now on... Not BK."

Still some showed support for the fast food chain.

"I am going to Burger King for lunch," wrote Scott Christianson. "I am not going to 'punish' a corporation for the act of a few."


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