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Yahoo! Account Cracks Up Twitter With Humorous Swipe at Obamacare Website


"You ran waivers over the same server which hosts"

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports on Twitter Wednesday took a swipe at the disastrous rollout of the Obamacare website -- and we just happened to catch it as it happened in real-time.

"Regarding this morning's delay in waivers, a required machine was accidentally turned off. We turned it back on and waivers ran," @YahooFantasy tweeted.

"You ran waivers over the same server which hosts" a Twitter user, who goes by the name Mikey Ramone, replied.

"You missed the part where we said the waivers ran and are working," the Yahoo! account quipped, adding a winking smiley face for good measure.




Clearly, it was nothing more than a harmless joke about a website that everyone understands has serious problems. However, that probably won't stop some Obamacare supporters from attacking the outlet.


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