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Enraging Surveillance Video Shows Why Some Innocent Children Grow Up to Be Criminals


"That's awful, that's awful."

CBS 12, screengrab via Daily Mail

A mother and father took their seven children to a Toys R Us store in Boca Raton, Fla., last month, with intentions of leaving the store with expensive tablets.

They just weren't going to pay for them.

Police say the parents instructed their seven children to help them steal before they embarked on the shoplifting spree. The seven children are reportedly between the ages of 3 and 13.

CBS 12, screengrab via Daily Mail

Surveillance cameras at the Toys R Us captured the "family of thieves" carrying out the heist at around 7 p.m. on Oct. 28.

Video shows the children coming in and out of the picture, as if they were climbing under the cabinets. Because of this, investigators believe the parents coached the children on how to remove the security devices from tablets at the store.

The kids were reportedly able to remove two security devices from the tablets. Then the parents walked by the shelves and took two of the tablets -- worth over $300 -- and the entire family left the store together. They were in the store for about 20 minutes.

CBS 12, screengrab via Daily Mail

Shoppers were disgusted that the parents would use their children that way and teach them to steal.

"That's awful, that's awful. They should you know, teach good principles, good manners, how to be polite," one shopper told WPEC-TV.

"I think that's quite unfortunate, you would be under the impression that a parent would be a good role model for younger children.  Unfortunately those are the things that are going on in society nowadays," another shopper said.


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