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Florida Woman Can't Figure Out Why There Was a Mysterious Blood Trail Throughout Her Home


"Looking like a horror movie."

A Florida woman returned home over the weekend to find a disturbing trail of blood throughout her house and soaked into some of her furniture.

Monica Caldwell of Deltona said at first she thought her dog had gotten into the trash.

"There was a can of raviolis, so my first reaction was he cut himself on a can," Caldwell told WKMG-TV.

monica caldwell Monica Caldwell found items in her home soaked in blood, but she's not sure how it happened. (Image source: WKMG)

But checking out the dog, Caldwell saw he wasn't injured.

The blood led from the living room into the bedroom, soaked into furniture and splattered on various items. In addition to the blood, Caldwell said papers were scattered around the house. WKMG's reporter described the scene as one "looking like a horror movie."

monica caldwell Caldwell has been scrubbing and washing blood out of what she can, but some of her furniture will need to be replaced, she said. This box shows some of the blood spatter. (Image source: WKMG)

Volusia County Sheriff's office investigated and could not yet determine the source of the blood.

Watch WKMG's report on the mysteriously bloody scene:

While there were no signs of a break-in, Caldwell said she thinks there is the potential someone was in her house, was bit by the dog and bled before escaping. No items appear to have been stolen.


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