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Ever wondered how Glenn Beck writes a book? Let someone who's done it with him tell you


Ever wondered how Glenn Beck writes a book? Bestselling author and Deseret News columnist Jason F. Wright collaborated on Beck's latest title, "Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America," and compared the process to a "complex symphony".

Wright wrote in an article for the Deseret News:

Though Beck’s company, Mercury, had grown considerably since we co-wrote "The Christmas Sweater," the process is mostly unchanged. He still works with a team of writers and editors, but every word published under his name is arranged by Beck like that manic composer of a complex symphony. Though many of his musicians will write notes and scribble on the sheet music, not a single measure is published or played without Beck’s blessing and influence.

Perhaps to his own detriment, sanity and sleep habits, Beck redlines every last page. He challenges writers and editors over every fact and anecdote. When reviewing Beck’s and his team’s edits to my own contributions, I marveled that a word or two changed here or there made good prose better and better prose best.

When I asked Beck why the book was so important to him, he said he wanted to present America history in a way that reads like a thriller. “People forget that most of the word ‘history’ is made up of the word ‘story.’ Our past is not just about dates and dead guys,” he continued. “It’s about incredible, true stories and we wanted to get back to that.”

Click here to read Wright's entire piece at the Deseret News.

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