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Fox News' newest star to compete with... David Gregory?

via Twitter @MariaBartiromo

The New York Post reports on Maria Bartiromo, who is reportedly soon joining Fox Business Network/Fox News from CNBC:

via Twitter @MariaBartiromo

It’s unclear what time slot a Bartiromo-helmed show might occupy but sources said Tuesday the aim is to put its new star on Sunday mornings to weaken NBC’s “Meet the Press,” hosted by David Gregory.

But why? Gregory is a national political affairs anchor. Bartiromo did business news at CNBC and will presumably cover the same at Fox Business. Gregory's ratings at "Meet the Press" are also under siege from CBS's "Face the Nation" and ABC's "This Week."

Furthermore, Fox News already has a Sunday show to compete with Gregory. It's called "Fox News Sunday" and it's anchored by Chris Wallace. Wouldn't any show meant to compete with Gregory also end up competing with Wallace?


The Drudge Report was the first to report on Bartiromo's move to Fox.

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