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We're Not Sure What's Better, This Crook's Disguise or What the Clerk Told Him When He Showed Up in It


Is it surprising the clerk fought back?

(Source: WTXF-TV screen shot)

Imagine you're working the counter at a local Philadelphia Wawa convenience store. As you're standing there, a man with a yellow towel on his head, sunglasses and rubber gloves walks in. It's not Halloween. He demands cash and tugs at his waist band.

If you're having a hard time imagining it, here's how it actually looked on October 23:

(Source: WTXF-TV screen shot)

(Source: WTXF-TV screen shot)

(Source: WTXF-TV screen shot)

But the story gets even better. One of the clerks wasn't buying the thief's story. His response to the masked man according to WTXF-TV? "Show me the gun."

That's when the crook took out a curved piece of metal and started toward the employee. But that was the wrong move: the clerk quickly wound up his fist and began fighting back, repeatedly striking the man and putting him on the ground before fellow employees separated the two.

(Source: WTXF-TV screen shot)

Appearing dazed and now de-masked, the man gets up and manages to get away, driving off in a BMW with no plates.

Police are now looking for him.

Take a look at the surveillance video and if you live in the Philadelphia area, you may want to check the pictures from your Halloween party to see if he looks familiar:

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