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Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute Says This Is How He Would 'Rewrite the Constitution


"I would have a provision in there that's very explicit..."

Executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute Yaron Brook speaks with Glenn Beck on Nov. 26, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Yaron Brook, the executive director of The Ayn Rand Institute and author of "Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can End Big Government," told Glenn Beck Tuesday how he would "rewrite the Constitution" to eliminate one of society's woes.

The comment stemmed from a discussion about Thomas Edison, who Glenn Beck says history has treated far more favorably than he actually deserved while all but forgetting the genius innovator Nikola Tesla.

"I don't buy completely the story about Edison," Brook remarked. "He was a genius. He produced a lot. There was cronyism, there's no question, but the scale in which there was cronyism in the 19th century has been vastly exaggerated. And guess who has the incentive to exaggerate it: the progressives, who were the muckrakers of the time..."

Executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute Yaron Brook speaks with Glenn Beck on Nov. 26, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Brook asserted that if you actually look at the history of men like J.P. Morgan or John D. Rockefeller, "people wanted to paint them as evil because of their success, and because of their success under capitalism."

"Now how do you create a system where that doesn't happen?" Brook continued. "I would rewrite the Constitution, and I would have a provision in there that's very explicit that the government has no role to play in economics. The government shouldn't be pro-capitalist; it shouldn't be pro-socialist. It should have no involvement in economic affairs. It should basically tell you, 'We're here to protect your property rights. You want to be a commie and you want to get some friends and start a commune? As long as you're not forcing anybody to be at the commune, we're not opposed to that. We're just protecting property rights.'"

Beck proceeded to ask Brook how the government, in such a scenario, would regulate trade both at home and with countries like Iran.

"All you do is you have free trade," Brook responded. "The government's job is to allow individuals to trade with one another. That's all we do. We trade as individuals. I trade with Walmart, who then trades with some Chinese company. Countries don't trade. If there's an enemy like Iran, you say, 'Iran's an enemy, don't trade with Iran.' That's it. Everybody else -  there are no tariffs, there's no restrictions ... Just because you happen to live in Shanghai shouldn't make one iota of a difference to our ability to trade freely. It's none of the government's business."

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