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The Worst Possible Thing Happened After a Yemeni Wedding Guest Started Using an AK-47 as a Dance Prop for 'Gangnam Style

...the man with the AK-47 joined in, dancing with the gun in his right hand (Screenshot: YouTube)

Warning: This post contains graphic images.

At least two guests were killed at a wedding in Yemen when a guest firing celebratory shots in the air lost control of his AK-47, all during a group dance of Psy’s hit song "Gangham Style."

The incident appears to have been captured on video and is starting to make the rounds.

In the beginning of the video, young men can be seen bouncing to the beat of the hit song. A man with an AK-47 fires shots in the air, then joins those dancing, still toting his weapon.

A man on the left is seen in the video firing his gun in the air during the wedding celebration in Yemen (Screenshot: YouTube)

While the celebrants were dancing... (Screenshot: YouTube)

...the man with the AK-47 wearing a black headband joined in, dancing with the gun in his right hand (Screenshot: YouTube)

As the song leads into its chorus for a third time, “Oppa Gangnam Style,” a torrent of bullets can be heard, and a flash of gunfire is seen flying in the night sky. As the song continues to its next lyric “Eh, sexy lady,” the camera tilts down to the ground, showing men on the floor in pools of blood while others scream.

TheBlaze examined part of the video frame-by-frame and saw this flash of light that could have come from the gun (Screenshot: YouTube)

In the aftermath, men were seen lying in pools of blood, while from off camera, screams could be heard (Screenshot: YouTube)

Others were carried off for medical help (Screenshot: YouTube)

TheBlaze is unable to independently verify the video, but numerous media outlets are reporting on the incident.

Quoting a police source, Reuters reports that two men were killed, while UPI places the death toll at three.

The police source told Reuters that the incident occurred in the southern city of Taiz and that two additional people were being treated in the hospital.

Celebratory gunfire is common at weddings in the Arab world.

As TheBlaze previously reported, 20 Palestinians were injured in Gaza in 2011 by gunfire shot during welcome home celebrations for convicted terrorists freed from Israeli jail.

We have decided not to post the video, but you can see two versions over at LiveLeak.


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