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Newt's staff won't let him play racy 'Grand Theft Auto' game

Photo via Twitter @NewtGingrich

Photo via Twitter @NewtGingrich

In an interview with AdWeek, CNN "Crossfire" co-host Newt Gingrich says he's a big fan of technology, like the iPad and Google Glass. And that he also wanted to play the wildly popular and controversial "Grand Theft Auto V" game but his staff won't let him.

"I don’t play any computer games. I almost bought Grand Theft Auto V, but my staff talked me out of it," Gingrich told AdWeek. "I thought, anything that sold a billion dollars’ worth in three days, you should at least have some notion of what it was like. But some of the younger staff explained, 'This is probably not you.'"

GTA, a violent role playing game that features prostitutes and gangs, has sold nearly 30 million copies since it released in October.

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