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Democrats moan about relatives 'who spend too much time listening to Rush Limbaugh


The Democratic National Committee has actually purchased the domain for YourRepublicanUncle.com. Brace yourselves, the condescension is overwhelming:

The holiday season is filled with food, traveling, and lively discussions with Republican relatives about politics — sometimes laced with statements that are just not true.

Here are the most common myths spouted by your family members who spend too much time listening to Rush Limbaugh — and the perfect response to each of them...

Apparently Democrats don't mind being treated like mindless idiots who need to be told what to say.  The DNC also defends the president's signature health care debacle by declaring that it's "definitely not socialist." Heh.

(Image: Screengrab/YourRepublicanUncle.com)

It just goes to show that it's a lot easier to defend your politics when they're guided by principles rather than talking points...

As we've noted here, here and here, this year's holiday season is has become quite politically charged and President Obama isn't exactly staying above the fray:

So why are Democrats and President Obama trying so hard to politicize the holidays?  Byron York has more on that curious question here.


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