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Syrian Children Dive for Cover When Bomb Explodes in Middle of Interview About Their Lives Under Siege

The children dove for cover when the explosion occured (Screenshot: YouTube)

An interviewer speaking to a group of Syrian children about the challenges of growing up in a war zone got a taste firsthand of the stresses under which they live.

In the middle of the interview which has been posted online, a massive explosion went off nearby, smoke filled the screen and the children were seen diving for cover.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported that before the explosion, one child was describing a previous brush with violence, saying, “We were walking in a demonstration and (unclear) a rocket fell that wounded a small boy.”

“When we were at school, they used to show us lots of martyrs, one had his guts hanging out,” one of the girls said according to the Daily Mail.

Another boy said, “At first, the bombs scared us, but then we got used to it. I saw one person's head fall off. On another, it was his hand.”

The scene was misleadingly normal in the beginning of the interview, as children ride on bikes in the background (Screenshot: YouTube)

The children dove for cover when the explosion occured (Screenshot: YouTube)

The group later reconvened indoors to continue their interview. All of the children appeared unharmed and were even smiling.

Once inside, one boy said of the drama, "I dived to the ground. I don't know how. Like in a swimming pool. But a stone hit my hand and my cheek hit the pavement, and then we went inside.”

Asked what his mother said when she heard what had happened, the boy said, “She started to cry.”

Then they ran and crawled next to a wall (Screenshot: YouTube)

All smiles once they were indoors (Screenshot: YouTube)

The extraordinary circumstances were apparent from the beginning of the video, as shops all along the street on which the children stood were shuttered though it was daytime.

Other children were seen riding bicycles in the background, reflecting their effort at maintaining normalcy in an abnormal predicament.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Syrian activists uploaded the video which was filmed in Jobar outside of Damascus.

According to the United Nations, more than 7,000 children under the age of 15 have been killed during the Syrian civil war which began in March 2011.

Here is the video:

(H/T: Daily Mail)



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