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Armed Homeowner + Former Female Boxer = Almost No Chance of Success for Group of Criminals


"I knew I couldn't shoot them. Legally you can't shoot them when they're running away."

Ira Roberts (WESH-TV)

When a couple in Oak Hill, Fla., witnessed a group of crooks trying to break into their home on Tuesday, they acted quickly. The woman first alerted her husband, Ira Roberts, so he could arm himself.

Knowing the gun laws in his state, he considered his next move carefully.

"I knew I couldn't shoot them. Legally you can't shoot them when they're running away. So I pumped one into the ground. Which was good, it alerted all my neighbors," he told WESH-TV.

Ira Roberts (WESH-TV)

As the suspects took off running, one of the men was reportedly tackled by one of Roberts' neighbors. That neighbor was a 44-year-old woman -- who just so happened to also be a former professional boxer.

The woman, identified as Beverly Rose, couldn't help but taunt the criminal.

"I did make a comment to him, how he liked being caught and tackled by a 44-year-old woman; he just kept shaking his head," she said.


Justin Goodrich, 23, was detained until police arrived on the scene. He was later taken to the hospital after he reportedly had a seizure.

Police apprehended two other suspects just miles from the scene of the crime and then arrested another two suspects running into some nearby woods shortly after. Finally, on Wednesday, police arrested the final suspect who managed to escape on Tuesday.

"All of the defendants are charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and theft. Watson faces an additional charge of resisting arrest without violence," WESH-TV reports.


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